We have confirmed an issue reported about Apple’s new operating system “macOS Sierra”.

We are currently working on a resolution so please wait to upgrade.


The Open, Save As, and Save dialog boxes do not allow you to select any buttons. This creates a situation where you cannot open or save any files through these dialogs and it cannot be exited without a Force Quit.


If you are stuck with working in Sierra, there is a temporary work around until we have resolved the issue.

You can open existing files by double-clicking on them, and you can save using the Save Icon or save button in the file menu.  This only works with files that already exist and don’t need to be named.

To create a new project using this method will require a few steps.

  1. Copy an existing MPC file by right-clicking and choosing “copy” or for a single-button mouse holding down the command button and clicking on the file (Keyboard shortcut ⌘C).  In the drop down menu select Copy “file name.mpc” as an option.

  2. Paste the file by selecting on your desktop or file window by accessing the drop down menu as you did in step one and selecting the option to Paste Item (Keyboard shortcut ⌘P). The new file will appear with a number 2 after the name.

  3. Rename the file by either clicking on the name, then clicking again to put it in edit mode. You can also use the above steps to access the drop down menu and select rename.

  4. Open the file by double-clicking on it.  This will open the file in Project Designer.

  5. Reset the project setting for this project by deleting all the patterns on the board and selecting Board Settings under the Edit menu at the top of the screen.  This will allow you to change the board size to whatever dimensions you wish your new project to be.

  6. Design your project as you would normally.

  7. Save your file by selecting the Save Icon or selecting Save from the file menu (Keyboard shortcut ⌘S).  You cannot choose the Save As function or you will have to Force Quit the program and lose your work.