When the CarveWright System was new, Tips & Tricks Newsletters were published on a somewhat monthly basis to assist customers in learning proper and creative uses of their system. Newer methods of training, such as videos, are now available.This collection does contain some information that is dated and no longer applicable or reflective of the newest features or parts, but most of it is still very much relevant even today.Thanks to individuals such as Michael Tyler, Jeff Birt, Ed Baker, and others for their contribution to CarveWright’s success.

If you have any questions regarding something that you do not understand, are unsure of, think may no longer be applicable or cannot find in your version, please contact LHR at 713-473-6572 or consult the Community Forum.

Latest Tips & Tricks
Making a Weave Pattern – August 2014 This video, by customer Steve Nelson, demonstrates how to make a weave pattern using the Project Designer with the 3D pattern modeling suite and the 2D Vector Drawing Suite.
How-To Make A Paper Towel Holder This 3 part video series, by customer Steve Nelson, demonstrates how to make a paper towel holder using Project Designer 3 with the 3D pattern modeling suite and the 2D Vector Drawing Suite.
Step-By-Step Finishing Techiques by Sharon Berrum Sharon Berrum (SharonB on the forum) is one of the jewels of the CarveWright community. Her projects bring joy to everyone with their beautiful and vivid painted finishes. We even had her teach a painting class at our annual conference, a couple years ago. Now, she’s documented some of her techniques in a simple step-by-step tutorial.

These have been reorganized from most basic and progressing to more advanced. We’ve also added more detailed descriptions to help you find articles that apply to what you’re looking to learn.

Older Tips & Tricks
Handy Tips for Everyone! – ISSUE 3 December 2007
This newsletter includes the 7″ Rule, Raised Carvings, Bit Optimization and more. The machine only comes with the 1/16″ carving bit with many additional options now available. The new bits have a hard pressed adapter, not the old-style Quick Change adapters, as shown. Some bits are available for those still using the old QC Chuck.
Tips, Common Questions and Answers – Part 1 – ISSUE 13 October 2008
The Quick Change Chuck has been replaced by the new CarveTight Spindle. All new machines come with it and old machines can be retrofitted with the improved spindle.
Tips, Common Questions and Answers – Part 2 – ISSUE 14 November 2008
This newsletter includes more helpful information. Remember, if using Windows Vista, 7 or 8 and messing with licenses, open using Run As Administrator command. See current instruction under SUPPORT > SOFTWARE & PATTERN ACTIVATION.
Pattern Layering and_Composition in Designer – ISSUE 1 October 2007
How and Why To Make Manual Cut Paths – ISSUE 8 May 2008
Designer 1.131 New Feature Highlights – ISSUE 12 September 2008
Includes new cut path features including Maximum Pass Depth, also Hide & Make Pattern features.
Scanning Probe Techniques – ISSUE 9 June 2008
The CarveWright Pattern Editor – ISSUE 10 July 2008
The Pattern Editor – De-Noise and Quantize – ISSUE 11 August 2008
Pattern Editor – Episode III – ISSUE 25 October 2009
Multiple Wood Carving/Layering Technique – ISSUE 15 December 2008
Lithopane (Lithophane) Carving 101 – ISSUE 16 January 2009
Basic Picture Frame “How-To” – ISSUE 17 February 2009
Scaling and How to Avoid It! – ISSUE 18 March 2009
Maintaining Accurate Board Tracking – ISSUE 27 January – February 2010
The Power of Carving With Dingbats – ISSUE 20 May 2009
My Big Sign Using The Tiling Technique – ISSUE 22 July 2009
Custom Tabs for Full-Depth Cut Outs – ISSUE 23 August 2009
Two-Sided Carve Techniques – ISSUE 24 September 2009
Two-Sided Carve Techniques – Flip within Jig Instructions – Spring 2014
This feature requires version 2.005 or newer.
Announcing the CarveTight – ISSUE 29 April 2010
Finishing Techniques – Part 1 – ISSUE 30 May 2010
Finishing Techniques – Part 2 – ISSUE 31 June/July 2010
Finishing Techniques – Part 3 – ISSUE 32 Aug/Sept 2010
An Exciting Year for CarveWright Owners! – ISSUE 34 Dec 2010
This newsletter includes information on new products such as DXF Importer, Sanding Mops, STL Export, CarveTight & Version C machine, 3/16″ Cutting Bits, and Conforming Vectors
Creating CarveWright 3D Patterns from Silhouettes – ISSUE 33 Oct/Nov 2010
Pocket Cutting Tips – Part 1 and 2 – ISSUE 35-36 2011
Carving Photos into Wood – ISSUE 37 Jan 2012
Making a Peace Symbol using the 2D Advanced Software – ISSUE 39 April 2013
Fun with Molds – Build Blog Jan 2013
Metal Stamping & More – Build Blog Feb 2013
Concrete Casting – Build Blog Oct 2013
2″ Deep Carvings – Build Blog Nov 2013
CW Rotary Jig & Materials Setup Instructions Apr 2014
Includes Free Projects
An Easy Project Tutorial and Article This Month FREE PROJECT – ISSUE 4 January 2008
How to Make Your Own Corbels FREE PROJECT – ISSUE 5 February 2008
Round “Notions and Sundries” Box FREE PROJECT – ISSUE 19 April 2009
Noughts and Crosses: Tic-Tac-Toe FREE PROJECT – ISSUE 21 June 2009
Noël Holiday Decor Project FREE PROJECT – ISSUE 26 November – December 2009
Shamrock Welcome (Failte) Plaque FREE PROJECT – ISSUE 28 March 2010
Making a Heart Shaped Jewelry Box using the 2D & 3D Advanced Software FREE PROJECT – ISSUE 38 Oct. 2012