Description of Issue

The “Board Too Thick to Cut” message appears on the LCD screen when the machine measures the inserted board thickness and determines that it is thicker than the cutting bit can cut all the way through.  This message will only appear if there is a cutting operation in the project.

Possible Causes

The causes can be: a sliding plate that is not slid all the way over against the board, the wrong bit his inserted into the machine, a case where the user is using a jig on a project that has a cut-out in it and the height of the jig does not allow the bit to touch the board sensor during homing, or a damaged board sensor.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Verify that the board is NOT over 1” thick.
  2. Check that the sliding plate is slid over against the edge of the board.
  3. Verify that the correct bit is inserted and correctly assembled.
  4. Check hole in the board sensor.  Check for a hole on the board tracking sensor – Tell customer to look on the plastic bar of the board tracking sensor for hole.  If there is a hole, tell customer to place a dime on top of that and run the machine.  Machine should run normally after that.  You also can send a clip (Board Position Encoder touch plate – P1323) to cover the hole.
  5. Run a project and watch where the error occurs and what the machine is attempting to do.  Take this information to a senior engineer.
  6. Check Tracking Roller” error message.  This error is shown because of out of limit numbers when measuring the length of the board.