What is the DXF Layout Software?

DXF Layout is an Add-On Module for Designer that adds the capability to import vector art files in the popular DXF format. The importer then has tools to allow scaling, rearranging, flipping, rotating, auto-connecting of lines, splitting (tiling designs), create boards to layout shapes, and then importing those boards into Designer. See tutorial videos

Is there a demo version of the software available?

Yes, there is a demo version built into the Designer.

What is a DXF file?

DXF (Drawing eXchange Format) is a vector graphic file format typically used with AutoCAD software. It can, however, be read and exported from most vector drawing programs, such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw. DXF files contain only vector line/path information, which enables these drawings to be imported into Designer as drawn lines, rather than pattern shapes.

Where can I find DXF files?

There are many online repositories of existing DXF files that can be accessed for free or for pay. To find DXF files, Google “DXF files” or “CNC Projects” and and find many sites offering DXF models. There is also a DXF file built in as a Sample.

Can I use other vector files instead of DXF files?

No, only DXF files are supported. However, every vector drawing program should export to DXF format.