Description of Issue

The edge detect failure occurs when the board sensor gets bad data when looking for a board edge during the initial measuring and homing part of the project.

Possible Causes

Causes include: a low board sensor reading, a very dark color workpiece, sawdust on the sliding plate, a hole in the board, or board tracking issue that confuses the board sensor when looking for an edge.  These tracking issues can include: board defects, rolled up belts, low head pressure, dust in the board tracking sensor, improperly set/loose sliding plate, missing damper spring under the board tracking sensor, or incorrectly adjusted outfeed trays.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Determine if the error is occurring when measuring the edge in the Y direction (left to right across the machine) or in the X direction (in and out of the machine).  If it occurs when measuring in the Y direction, proceed with Step 2.  If it occurs when measuring the X direction, skip to Step 9.
  2. Check the board sensor reading when the Y truck is pushed all the way over to the left side of the machine (off the board).  It should read less than 10.  Then move the truck over a light colored board and verify that the reading is greater than 100.  If either of these values is not met please refer to the “Please Clear Board Sensor” document.
  3. Verify that the color of the workpiece is not too dark by making sure that the board sensor is reading at least 100 while over a light colored workpiece.
  4. Check the board for defects (existing carvings, warping, holes, rounded edges, etc.) and make sure it is inserted correctly into the machine.  For a detailed discussion on the board requirements please see the “Inserting a Board” section in the CarveWright Owner’s manual.
  5. Check that the sliding plate is tight and up against the right side of the board and clear of sawdust.
  6. Next check and see if there is dust in the Y encoder that is causing it to lose track of position.  Check the Y encoder readings in the sensor check menu.  Turn the machine ON and navigate to the Configurations Menu from the CarveWright Main Menu by using the up/down arrows or pressing the “0” (Options) key on the keypad.  Navigate to, or select key “7”, Sensor Check.  Use the up/down arrows to find menu items titled Y Position.  Record the encoder readings for the far left and right positions as you move the Y truck.  The total Y travel should read between 15.5” and 16”.  Move it back and forth several times checking to see that the values at each side do not change.  Replace the motor pack if these readings do not match up.
  7. If none of the above steps solves the Y edge detection failure, consult a senior engineer.
  8. Check to see if the squaring plate (where the tracking sensor is attached) is loose.  This is a rare issue but it can happen. If the square plate is loose, it will not measure the board right and could give the Edge Detection error, possible board removal, or give a wrong measurement for the board.  Re-tighten the 2 screws that hold the squaring plate.
  9. Verify that the head pressure is within correct limits.
  10. Verify that neither of the belts are damaged or rolled up.
  11. Verify that the damper spring is still under the board tracking sensor.
  12. Check to see that the outfeed rollers are not adjusted too high.  If they are high they can lift the board off of the board tracking roller during operation and cause it to lose track of the position.
  13. Check for dust in the board tracking sensor.
  14. If none of the above steps solves the issue consult a senior engineer.