Thank you for your purchase of the CarveWright System

Before operating your new CarveWright System, please take time to review and understand all provided materials concerning the operation, care and maintenance. As with all sophisticated machine tools, you will be required to operate and maintain your system in accordance with all factory recommendations to insure optimum quality, product life, and user enjoyment. In order to assist with this, we have provided comprehensive tutorials to guide you through your learning experience.

Please thoroughly inspect machine for shipping damage and inventory your items carefully. Shipping damage must be claimed within a certain time period or UPS will not process the claim. If you suspect shipping damage, you do have the option of refusing delivery. If you already received it, take photos and send to us. Do not get rid of any damaged packaging as it will need to be inspected by UPS Claims representative.

  • Verify from the included Quick Start Guide and Invoice that all items are there.
  • Verify on your Invoice, that any missing item is not marked as “Backordered”.

For any question about your CarveWright System’s shipping condition please contact us:

713-473-6572, email us at, or use our contact form

Getting Started With Your CarveWright System Video

Printable Manuals and Guides

If you are considering selling or purchasing a used CarveWright or CompuCarve, please be aware of the following:

  • Project Designer BASIC is free for all registered CarveWright systems. Always download the latest version of software from the CarveWright Website. DO NOT INSTALL SOFTWARE FROM OLD INSTALLATION DISK. (DOWNLOAD BASIC)
  • All other software is NON-TRANSFERABLE (this includes Patterns, Projects, Subscriptions, Designer PRO, and all Add-On Modules)
  • Warranties are NON-TRANSFERABLE
  • Proof of purchase & machine serial number must be sent to LHR for the machine to be released from previous customers account before it can be registered by its new owner. Email to
  • If previous owner is unknown, contact us for assistance.
  • Once removed from the previous owner, it is then available for new owner to register the CarveWright.
  • Always refer to the latest manuals and learning material available online at the CarveWright website.

PLEASE BEWARE! Make sure you are purchasing from a trusted seller. There are some machines that have been reported as stolen. Every machines serial number must be registered in order for it to be used. LHR can look up a serial number prior to purchase to verify who is listed as the current owner. Proof of purchase is required to release from previous owner. We do not guarantee that the machine has or has not been stolen based on our records, as the report of some stolen machines may not have been communicated to us.

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