Find a printable version of this in the RAVEN User’s Manual

Proper installation of the workpiece is critical to the performance and continued operation of the machine. To properly insert a workpiece:

  1. Press down on the sliding guide plate release lever and move the sliding guide plate to the right so that it will clear the width of the workpiece.
  1. Lay the workpiece on the traction belts and push the AccuTrack tape edge firmly up against the squaring plate. This ensures the belt meshes with the tracking encoder below.
  1. Position the back edge of the board just past the back rollers and crank the head just enough to hold the workpiece in place.
  1. Push the sliding plate up against the inside edge of the workpiece. DO NOT push the sliding plate against the workpiece with significant force. The sliding plate is used to guide the workpiece and is not intended to lock the piece in position.
  1. Double check the board is against the squaring plate and sliding plate on the front and back side.