Check & Lubricate Flexshaft Core

The Flexshaft temperature should never rise to the point where the sheath cannot be held by hand for an extended period of time. If the sheath ever becomes hot to the touch, immediately stop the machine and consult the Lubrication section below. If the heating persists after lubrication please contact CarveWright Technical support.

The flexshaft core should be cleaned and re-lubricated only if it begins to exhibit heating during operation. To access the core, first unplug the CarveWright machine from power. Firmly grasp the flexshaft outer sheath where it is snapped into the machine’s cutting head and pull it free from the head. The core is contained within the sheath, and should slide out freely when grasped between finger and thumb. Inspect the core for debris and clean with a lint free cloth if necessary. The recommended lubricant is available through the CarveWright Store.

The flexshaft will also periodically need to be replaced. The time period will depend on the duration and type of use the machine has had.

Lubricate the Flexshaft
Care of the CarveWright Flexshaft