Description of Issue

The “Please Load Board” message comes up when the machine begins to measure the board and senses that there is not a board in the machine.  It checks that both compression roller sensors are reading compressed to verify that a board is loaded into the machine.

Possible Causes

Causes include: no board loaded into the machine, a board loaded only under one roller, the head is not cranked down, a warped board, a board with features carved all the way across the width of the board, a board that is too thin, low head compression, or a bad compression roller sensor.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Check that a workpiece is in the machine (and under both rollers) and that the head is cranked down properly.
  2. Verify that the board is not thinner than 1/2″.
  3. Check for major features on the board that would cause one roller to compress and the other to be released.  The workpiece needs to be flat, smooth and without warps or significant thickness change.
  4. Verify that the head pressure is within correct limits.  This is especially important when carving wide material because the rollers do not compress as much the wider it gets.
  5. Check for a stuck or defective compression roller.  Please review the section titled “Stuck Compression Roller” in this troubleshooting guide.
  6. If none of the above steps solves the issue consult a senior engineer.