Description of Issue

The Possible Board Problem message occurs when the board tracking sensor is unable to closely track the board with respect to the commanded motion of the drive motors.

Possible Causes

Cause can be: board defects, rolled up belt, low head pressure, damaged or missing o-ring on the board tracking sensor, dust in the board tracking sensor, improperly set/loose sliding plate, missing damper spring under the board tracking sensor, incorrectly adjusted outfeed trays, a board that is thinner than .5”, or excessive backlash in the X-drive gears.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Check the board for defects (existing carvings, warping, holes, rounded edges, etc.) and make sure it is inserted correctly into the machine.  For a detailed discussion on the board requirements please see the “Inserting a Board” section in the CarveWright Owner’s manual.
  2. Verify that the board is thicker than .5”.
  3. Check that the sliding plate is tight and up against the board.  A board that is not captured by the sliding plate will allow the board to walk slightly from side to side.  This small amount of walking can lead to a wide variance in measured lengths.
  4. Check to see if the squaring plate (where the tracking sensor is attached) is loose.  This is a rare issue but it can happen. If the square plate is loose, it will not measure the board right and could give the Edge Detection error, possible board removal, or give a wrong measurement for the board.  Re-tighten the 2 screws that hold the squaring plate.
  5. Verify that the board sensor rotates freely.
  6. O-ring on the board tracking sensor is in place and not damaged.
  7. Verify that the head pressure is within correct limits.
  8. Verify that neither of the belts are damaged or rolled up.
  9. Verify that the damper spring is still under the board tracking sensor.
  10. Check to see that the outfeed rollers are not adjusted too high.  If they are high they can lift the board off of the board tracking roller during operation and cause it to lose track of the position.
  11. Check for dust in the board tracking sensor.
  12. If none of the above steps solves the issue consult a senior engineer.