Description of Issue

The machine displays the Power Fluctuation message when it encounters an under-voltage condition on the 5V power supply.  The machine shuts down and safes all operations.

Possible Causes

There are three main causes for the under-voltage condition, a faulty power supply, a loose connector, a drawdown on the circuit, and a short somewhere in the machine.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Check that there are no other machines or devices on the circuit that can draw down the 110V to the machine.  Also make sure that the machine is not on a power strip or extension cord which can be a large in line resistive load.
  2. Check the power connections to the electronics for looseness. UNPLUG THE MACHINE and remove the bottom cover.  Check the seating of all of the connectors to the power supply, controller, and ON/OFF switch.
  3. Most likely if the fluctuation is randomly appearing, it is the result of a faulty power supply.  Replace the Power Supply (A2038) and retest.
  4. If the new power supply does not work have the machine returned for repair.