Find a printable version of this in the RAVEN User’s Manual

A project is a set of related design elements (patterns or figures) created with the Designer software and transferred via the USB drive. 

These projects are accessed from the keypad under the Projects Menu. Browse the projects by using the UP-DOWN ARROWS, and press ENTER to make a selection. 

The projects will display an icon indicating what type of project they are. Size information pertaining to each project file is displayed at the bottom of the screen. 

Once a project has been selected, the RAVEN will lead the user through the preparation process. 

Set Head Pressure

The RAVEN has built in digital scales (load sensors) along the back roller. Simply crank the head in the indicated direction to set the head pressure within the acceptable range (83-86 lbs).

Once it is in range, stop cranking and the RAVEN will automatically move to the next step.


The RAVEN will locate its home position and then locate the back edge of the board using the scale sensors. It moves slowly to do this and is why we initially position that back edge just beyond the back roller. The shorter the distance the board needs to travel the faster it finds the back edge and moves to the next step.

If “Use AccuTouch” was checked during compile, see AccuTouch section.

Load Bit

The RAVEN then moves the cutting head to the middle of the machine and asks for the first bit it needs for the project. 

Load the bit into the CarveTight chuck and press enter to proceed. 

Place Touch Plate

The RAVEN then asks for the bit touch plate. This is how it measures how long the bit length is and finds the surface of the board all in one maneuver. You have 2 options for how you want to position the touch plate. 

Home Position

Home position is located on the keypad side of the machine above the spot where the AccuTrack encoder resides. Place the touch plate in that position and press enter to select Home Position.

The machine will then proceed to touch the bit off of the touch plate’s surface. 

Jog to Location

You may choose your own position to place the touch plate. This is particularly useful when using a jig that has rails taller than the surface of the workpiece. Simply move the cutting truck by hand in the Y and Z directions, or use the LEFT-RIGHT ARROWS to move the X drive belts. Once you’ve located the position, Press ENTER and the machine will then proceed to touch the bit off of the touch plate’s surface.

Carving Project

With the bit and surface located, the machine will carve the project. A timer appears with the time remaining and the time to the next operation.

Carving Complete

When the carving is complete, the machine will display the total time of the project. You may now crank the head up and remove the workpiece.