Replacing the Crank Torque Plate

To remove and replace the crank torque plate you will need the following tools:

  • #2 Phillips screwdriver (magnetic tip preferred)
  • 8mm open end wrench
  • Blue Loctite
  • Armor Plate with Moly-D

You will need to remove the left side panel and disassemble the stabilizer, follow this guide to remove  the side panel. Left Stabilizer removal

Once the stabilizer is removed from the side panel, break loose the shaft from the loctite by holding the bevel gear in place and turning the shaft with the 8mm wrench counter clockwise. It can take a bit of force to break free from the loctite. *******WARNING: This step must be done carefully. The shaft is thread cemented in place.  Care must be taken to avoid breaking the threaded insert loose from the stabilizer. *******

Once its free the shaft can be removed and inside assembly can be removed from the shell. At this point you can remove the broken piece of the crank torque plate. When reassembling the stabilizer it is critical that the black washer on the back of the gear is kept in place with grease so it will not fall out when reinserting it into the stabilizer. Add a little bit of grease between the torque plate and the grooves that torque plate sit on. Some grease can also be added to the bottom of the clear dust guard so it doesn’t move and will help when reinserting into the stabilizer.

Realign the shaft thru the dust guard, torque plate, bevel gear and washer into the brass insert. Screw the shaft back in while holding the gear to keep from rotating. Add a drop of the loctite to the back of the shaft thru the hole and finish tightening the shaft until you can spin the gear without the shaft rotating.