Ribbon Removed on Z-truck

Statement:  The ribbon can be removed from the Z-truck and then the scanning probe can be plugged in on the cover.  This is usually done to older version CompuCarve machines in order to resolve a short in that cable.

Fiction:  The customer must have the A907 Z-motor update in order to plug into the cover.


Scanning Probe State

Statement:  As long as the probe changes when you deflect the tip states then it works.

Fiction:  The default state for a correctly installed and operating scanning probe is Closed.  It changes to Open when deflected.  If the default state reads Open or it works in reverse then something is wrong.


Scanning Probe Turns with Flexshaft

Statement:  The machine can briefly spin the Scanning Probe while it is plugged in.

Fact:  The machine can in rare occasions briefly spin the spindle while the scanning probe is attached.   While rare this spinning can damage the probe cable.  Important Note: It is recommended that you unplug your flexshaft from the spindle if you are doing significant scanning.  It makes for more consistent scans.  Be sure to always follow the directions when reassembling the flexshaft so that you do not bind the flexshaft core and damage the machine.


Memory Card filled during scan

Statement:  The scanning can fill-up the memory card halfway through the Project and cause the scan to be aborted.

Fiction:  The Machine will calculate the amount of data that will be placed on the card given the size of the area you specify and check it against the amount of room left on the card.  If there is not enough room the LCD will prompt you before the scan is started.