The CarveWright Scanning Probe opens up the world of 3D scanning to everyone. Now, you can create a pattern from virtually any object. Use the probe to reproduce original handmade or carved pieces, duplicate and repair antique furniture and copy and replicate trim and moldings with ease. Practically, any material can be scanned and probe tips are available to protect delicate surfaces.

Just plug the probe into the CarveWright, set the desired scan area, then watch the CarveWright go to work. The Pattern Editor software comes included with the Scanning Probe purchase and allows manipulation of your scanned image on a pixel by pixel level.

Most scan objects will require a simple wood sled, or jig, to move it through the machine.


  • Scanning Resolution – 0.005″

Scanning Step Size:

  • Best Mode – 0.010″
  • Normal Mode – 0.020″
  • Draft Mode – 0.040″
The scanning Probe includes the following items:

  • CarveWright Scanning Probe
  • Adapter Cable
  • Cable hook
  • CarveWright Designer Software w/Pattern Editor code
  • Scanning Probe Instruction Manual
Because most objects that will be scanned are not suitable for scanning directly they will have to be placed onto a fixture called a scanning sled before proceeding (not included with purchase). The scanning sled should be designed so that the CarveWright can easily feed it through the machine and so that the scanning probe has the proper clearances to function.

The dimensions of the sled can vary but the maximum width is 14.5” and the maximum depth is 2.25” from the mounting surface to the top of the rails. There is no maximum length but any sled over 3 feet long will require additional stand-alone outfeed support rollers. The support rollers should be adjusted properly to avoid letting the sled sag or rise, as any transition going on and off the rollers will be reflected in the scan data.

Scanning probe tips help to protect more delicate scanning surfaces from scratching and gouging. Surfaces such as plaster or antiques are recommended to use a protective tip.
It is recommended that you unplug your flexshaft from the spindle if you are doing significant scanning. It makes for more consistent scans. Be sure to always follow the directions when re-assembling the flexshaft so that you do not bind the flexshaft core and damage the machine.
The Scanning Probe comes with a CD containing the software needed for manipulating the scans. This software does not have to be installed if the customer already has the updated software loaded on their computer. This disc is provided as a backup if the customer does not have the updated software on their computer.
The Pattern Editor must be activated to your customer account adn to the computer in order to see the option for Pattern Editor in the File Menu. This can be verified by going to “Help” > “Manage Licenses”. This screen will display all the ative licenses for the computer. If Pattern Editor is visible, then the computer has the software unlocked. If not, then the software needs to be licensed to the computer. For information on how to activate premium featuers, consult the software manual.
To open the Pattern Editor, go to “File” > “Launch Pattern Editor”.
Like the regular software, the Pattern Editor can be licensed on two computers.
The Pattern Editor can be purchased individually at the store under software. There will be no need to purchase another scanning probe as the scanning probe is already in your possession.