Possible Cause

The machine has been updated with the A907 motor pack but the machine has not been configured to recognize this.  The machine must be told where to look for the scanning probe.


  • Verify version 1.121 or later of the software and that the card firmware is updated. This is important since the information is stored on the memory card.
  • Verify that it is attached using the Probe adapter cable and retaining clip.
  • Verify that the Scanning Probe Plug Location has to be changed from the Z-Truck to Scanning Probe.  This is an option that tells the machine where to look for the probe.
    • ƒTurn the machine on and press “0” key (takes you to the Configuration Menu).
    • ƒPress the “5” key (takes you to the User Options Menu).
    • Press the “3” key (takes you to the Scanner Type menu option).
    • Press ENTER to toggle from the Z-Truck option to the Cover.  Then hit a random key to get you out of the menu and then select stop a couple of times to get you to the top level CarveWright menu.