1. When downloading, you will be given the options of RUN or SAVE
    • Select RUN.
  2. If you selected Save instead or Run, locate the installer in your downloads folder. File name “Designer_#_###.exe” (numbers change with updates)
    • Double-Click on the installer.
  3. If a Warning appears asking if you want to install from an Unknown Publisher,
    • Choose YES.
  4. Begin the installation wizard.
    1. Welcome screen. Choose Next
    2. License Agreement. I Agree
    3. Choose Install Location.
      1. Select BROWSE and change location to C:\ProgramData\
    4. Start Menu Screen. Choose Next
    5. If you see the Install Options Screen, leave default and click Install.
    6. Microsoft Visual C++ window. Click Yes
    7. When installation is complete, Click Finish
  5. The “Read Me” file will open after installation is complete.
    • Close READ ME.
  6. Proceed to Registration Instructions