Thank you for your purchase of the CarveWright System

Before operating your new CarveWright machine, please take time to read and understand all provided materials concerning the machine care and maintenance. As with all precision machine tools, you will be required to operate and maintain your machine in accordance with all factory recommendations to insure optimum quality and life.

Inspect Shipment

Please thoroughly inspect machine for shipping damage and inventory your items carefully. Shipping damage must be claimed within a certain time period or UPS will not process the claim. If you suspect shipping damage, please take pictures and send them to Do not get rid of any damaged packaging as it will need to be inspected by UPS Claims representative.

Un-packaging the machine

This machine weighs about 80 lbs., so get some help, if needed, bend your knees and place on a stable surface.

Saving the Box

DO NOT THROW AWAY THE BOX AND PACKING MATERIALS. You may need this, if you ever need to send the machine in for repair. The box and packing materials have been tested and approved by UPS. If you ship in any other box or container, any shipping damage claims will not be covered by UPS. The cost of a new box and packaging materials is about $50, but the cost to ship even an empty over-sized box is more than the cost of the actual materials being shipped.

New CarveWright Machines have been tested by one of our Factory Trained Technicians. We make every attempt to completely clean the machine; however, you may notice a small amount of sawdust.


What if the machine box arrives damaged?

You do have the option of refusing delivery. If you already received it, take photos and send to

What if something is missing or wrong from my shipment?

First, verify from your manual that the items shipped with the machine are all there. Verify on your invoice, that any missing item is not marked as being on “Back-order”. Then send us an email to or call us at 713-473-6572.

Why is there sawdust in my machine?

Every new machine is taken out of the box, inspected, tested, cleaned and QA’d by one of our Factory Trained Technicians. We do try to clean them out before shipping, but you may still find a small amount.

For any question about your CarveWright Machine’s shipping condition call us at:

713-473-6572 or use our contact form

  1. Keep Yourself Safe: Refer to Owner’s Manual for Safety Information
  2. Properly Setup Your Machine: Refer to Owner’s Manual or GETTING STARTED for unpacking and setup instructions
  3. Maintain Your Machine: Refer to Owner’s Manual and the Maintenance section of this website; specifically 1) Keeping your machine clean, 2) Lubricating as needed, 3) Checking the head‐pressure
  4. Memory card in before turning on; machine off before taking it out
  5. Electrostatic shock can fry your controller – sticking a hose into it while it is turned on is a BAD IDEA!! There are better ways to control the dust. See RingNeckBlues DC Insert or Erwin’s Dust Devil under Third Party in our online store.
  6. Use Properly Prepared Materials: Make sure to only carve approved materials that are properly prepared including straight, flat & free of defects
  7. Know Your Machine: Knowing what your machine is thinking, asking, & doing at each step is critical to efficiency & success
  8. Design Your Projects for Success: As with most things there are more ways than one to design your artistic masterpiece. Make sure you use good design practices and be prepared to test carve projects. The Tutorials under support are a great resource.
  9. Let Us Know How You are Doing: Sign up for our Community Forum & LIKE our Facebook page to post your projects & show them off
  10. Learn the 7 Inch Rule to avoid “snipe” and breaking your 1/8″ cutting bit
  11. Items from Pattern Depot & Software must be purchased, activated, downloaded and/or installed.
  12. Red circle with 16 bit in PatternDepot refers to the resolution being higher than the original patterns that were 8 bit resolution.
  13. Refer to the website SUPPORT PAGE: for help in learning, maintaining, troubleshooting & repairing your system
  14. Customer Service is here to help you. Call us at 713‐473‐6572
  15. Have Fun!

All CarveWright machine packages will include the following:

  1. CarveWright Machine
  2. Warranty Statement
  3. Operator’s Quick Start Guide
  4. CarveWright Software CD
  5. Instructional DVD
  6. CarveWright Memory Card
  7. CarveWright Memory Card Programmer
  8. 4mm T-Handle  Allen Wrench
  9. Crank Handle Ball and Shoulder Bolt
  10. A 1/16” Diameter Tip Tapered Carving Bit with Straight Bushing

Items Included With the CarveWright System:

Screen shot 2016-02-01 at 10.50.03 AM

Unpacking and Setting Up the CarveWright System:

    1. Remove the top packaging foam: After opening the shipping box, carefully remove the top molded foam packing from the machine. Located in the top foam tray are the items listed above.
    2. Remove the machine from box: With a helper, lift out the machine and place it on a sturdy table or bench. Fold down the Outfeed Support Tables. Remove the plastic film covering the top clear safety cover.
    3. Attach the handle: Attach the crank handle ball to the crank lever using the supplied shoulder bolt.
    4. Prepare the flexshaft assembly: Remove the plastic wrapping and rubber band from the end of the flexshaft assembly. Gently pull the protruding flexshaft core (with squared end) out of the sheath several inches. Holding the end vertically, push the core back into the sheath and make sure that it slips into, and engages, the cutting motor. It will drop into the receptacle on the motor side about 5/8ths of an inch. Turn the core by hand and feel for resistance of the motor. If the shaft spins without resistance, push the core inward while rotating until it drops into the slot and engages the motor. The flexshaft core should appear as in Figure 7.
    5. Insert the flexshaft into cutting head: Looking through the slot in the top cover, locate the shaft receptacle in the top of the cutting head. The end of the flexshaft assembly is held in place with a ball detent. Inside the receptacle there is a square recess that mates with the exposed square end of the flexshaft core. Turn the chuck on the bottom of the cutting head (open the safety cover for access) until the square core end can be inserted into the recess. Press the flex shaft all the way down into its receptacle. A click will be heard and felt as the shaft snaps into place.
    6. Check the machine head pressure. It is very important that the head pressure be checked prior to operating the machine. Like other machine tools, the machine structure must be checked and adjusted during initial set-up. Many times the rigors of shipping will cause the machine structure to become slightly misaligned which in turn causes decreased head pressure. The machine will not operate correctly with low head pressure. Please refer to the Maintenance section of this website to view the directions for checking the head pressure and the Troubleshooting section to view the instructions for adjusting the machine if the head pressure is too low at set-up.
    7. Make sure that the outfeed tables are adjusted correctly. Fold the outfeed trays down and check that they are adjusted to the correct height. To check, place a flat piece of material across the two belt drive trays and verify that the rollers on the outfeed trays are just below the material. Adjust if necessary.
    8. Register your Machine and Software. The Machine requires registration and an unlock code before it can be used. This unlock code is supplied once a Customer Account is created through the software registration and always available thereafter in your Customer Account. Registration of your software & machine is more efficiently accomplished through the software. See the Designer Software Quick Start Guide. In addition, the machine requires the memory card to contain Firmware version 1.170 or later. The machine screen will not proceed from “CarveWright Woodworking Machine” unless the memory card is loaded with 1.170 or later.
    9. Plug the power cord into a wall outlet.
    10. Insert memory card: ALWAYS PUT THE MEMORY CARD IN BEFORE TURNING THE MACHINE ON and TURN THE MACHINE OFF BEFORE REMOVING THE MEMORY CARD. Improper removal can damage your electronic components. Note: In order to carve a pattern you must first use the CarveWright Designer software to generate one and save it to the memory card.
    11. Store packaging: Please keep the box, protective cardboard corners, and packing foam for secure transportation to the service center in the event that the machine needs service.
    12. Dust Collection – keeping the machine clean is key to a well maintained machine. There are two options available to assist you under THIRD PARTY at our online store. Either of these options makes a huge difference in collecting dust right as the bit creates it. We do not suggest you use a Shopvac hose inside your machine, particularly when plugged in as static electricity can damage your electronic components.

All newer CarveWright machines, starting with Serial Numbers beginning with the letter C, will have to be registered and unlocked prior to use. To view the detailed instructions on how to register your new C-Series Machine, visit the CarveWright website under the “Learn” tab or consult the Software Manual found in the CarveWright Designer Software (Under the “Help” tab) or on the CD included with your machine. At the conclusion of the online machine registration, the user will be presented with an unlock code. C-Series Machines will require this unlock code be entered into the keypad at the machine before proceeding with any operations. The unlock code is eight numbers long and will be shown on the “Thank You” page at the end of the software registration process.

If you do not record the unlock code during registration it can be found by logging in to your Customer Account webpage at

When turning on your CarveWright C-Series Machine for the first time, the LCD screen will display a prompt indicating that registration is required. Press any key to advance to the Unlock Code screen. Enter the Unlock Code you obtained above and press the “ENTER” button. The display will advance if the code is correct and will remain unchanged for an incorrect code.

If the machine’s LCD shows only “CarveWright Woodworking Machine”, then the firmware version on the memory card needs to be updated to at least version 1.170. Use the Software Manual in the Designer Software (found in “Help” tab) or on the supplied CD for instructions on how to update the firmware.

If you are considering selling or purchasing a used CarveWright or CompuCarve, please be aware of the following:

  • The Designer Software BASIC software should be downloaded from our website and not from an old disk. DO NOT INSTALL SOFTWARE FROM OLD INSTALLATION DISK.
  • Software other than the Designer BASIC version 1.187 software is NON-TRANSFERABLE (this includes, but is not limited to patterns, projects, subscriptions, centerline, pattern editor, STL & DXF Importer)
  • Warranties are NON-TRANSFERABLE
  • Proof of purchase & machine serial number must be sent to LHR for the machine to be released from previous customers account before it can be registered by its new owner. Email to
  • Machines bought at auction or pawn shops will not be released without previous owner verification or proof that previous owner is deceased.
  • Once removed from the previous owner, it is then available for new owner to create their own Customer Account and register the machine and the Designer BASIC license that comes with the registration.
  • The latest manuals are available online.
  • Visit our our Support section for more information and Tutorials to assist you in getting started.

PLEASE BEWARE! Make sure you are purchasing from a trusted seller. There are some machines that have been reported as stolen. Every machines serial number must be registered in order for it to be used. LHR can look up a serial number prior to purchase to verify who is listed as the current owner. Proof of purchase is required to release from previous owner. We do not guarantee that the machine has or has not been stolen based on our records, as the report of some stolen machines may not have been communicated to us.