The STL Slicer Software was originally called STL Importer since it was initially the only way 3D models could be imported into the CarveWright System. Since then, we’ve released Designer 4 which comes with a simple STL importer for CNC ready models.

The STL Slicer Software is an add-on module which allows users to scale and slice fully dimensioned STL models at various depths or angles and make them into flat carve-able patterns. Once carved, those slices can be reassembled into an exact physical replica of the STL object.

Yes, there is a demo version built into the Project Designer.

The data in a STL file describes the surface geometry of the three dimensional object. This format is an industry standard, used by all rapid prototyping, scanning, animation, and computer-aided manufacturing software packages (as an import or export option).

No, these are 2D file formats. STL Slicer only supports STL file import.

Yes, you can create 3D models with Project Designer and export them as STL files with Pattern Sculptor.

See the tutorials. These provide the best explanation of the issues involved in slicing complex models.

Fortunately, there are several online repositories of existing historical and relevant cultural 3-D objects that can be accessed for free or for pay. To locate 3D files to carve, you can Google “STL files” or “CNC Models” and and find many sites offering STL models.

Not at this time.

We recommend a screen resolution of at least 1024×768 for the STL Importer, but any video card that works with the CarveWright Designer software will work. We have not encountered any that do not work.

We recommend at least 1GB of RAM, the more the better. Otherwise, there are no additional requirements beyond those of the CarveWright Designer software.

No, only STL files are supported. However, many 3D packages, including some that are free, can convert to STL format.