Description of Issue

The cut motor audibly changes pitch during a carving.  This is indicative of the sensor losing track of the RPM and defaulting to a pre-programmed speed.

Possible Causes

The cause of this change is most likely a faulty board sensor or sensor magnet.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Check to see that the cut motor sensor is recording the shaft as it spins.  To check the status of the cut motor sensor, go to the CarveWright Main Menu->Configuration->Sensor Check menu.  Use the arrow keys to find the item titled “Cut Sensor” on the bottom line of the display.  Spin the spindle as fast as possible by hand and see if the count on the display changes.  If the count is not changing the magnet and/or the cut sensor is bad.  This message can be ignored and the motor will run on a default setting or the motor can be brought in for repair.