Description of Issue

The cutting motor does not turn on at the beginning of the carving.

Possible Causes

Causes include: a faulty switch, a loose connector, a faulty X-termination board, a pinched wire in the cut motor, a loose power wire, a head cover that is not engaging the AC motor switch, or a bad controller.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Check that the right clear cover hinge cover is not loose and that the switch is not loose.  If either is loose it can affect the actuation of the switch button by the finger on the clear cover.
  2. Verify that the connectors to the switch are in place and tight.
  3. Verify that the cut motor switch (the one on the right side of the cover) is working by listening for the click as the cover is lowered.
  4. Take a small implement and manually depress the switch button by hand.  If you can hear the click when you do it by hand but not when the cover is lowered then there is something wrong with the cover that is preventing it from depressing the switch far enough.  Resolve this cover issue.
  5. Check the cut motor brushes for excessive wear. (See Video)
  6. UNPLUG THE MACHINE and remove the bottom cover.  Check the seating of all of the connectors to the power supply, controller, X-termination board.
  7. Check traces on the X-termination board for signs of a burnt trace.
  8. If none of the above steps solves the issue consult with CarveWright Service.