Step 1 – Download the Installer

After you created your password, you will be directed to the download page where you can choose your installer.

Step 2 – Install the Software

Windows Installation

Download the installer from the CarveWright website. 

Run the installer. 

Windows Defender may try to “protect your PC” If it does, click “More Info” and then “Run Anyway” 

Next, you may see a screen asking if you want to allow the software to make changes. Click Yes. After that, the installer will run normally.

Apple Installation

Download the DMG from the CarveWright website. Open the DMG file and a window will display showing the Designer icon and the application folder icon. Drag the Designer Icon into the Application folder. Then double click on the application folder to open it. 

In the application folder, find the Designer icon and double click on it to open. You will see a message saying Designer can’t be opened because it can’t be checked for malicious software. Click OK. 

Then right-click on the Designer icon and select Open. This time the popup will give you an option to Open the software. Once this is done, it will open without these messages again. 

Step 3 – Open Software and Login

When you open the software you will be greeted with a login screen. Put in your registration login information. Once logged in, the software is in full demo mode. In demo mode, save and compile (upload) are disabled, except for Pattern Depot licensed projects which can be compiled and carved without purchasing a license.

NOTE: When logging into your account in Designer 4 for the first time, the screen shows “Unauthorized. Retry login.” immediately after pressing the login button. The log file (About->Read Current Log) shows the message “The root certificate of the certificate chain is self-signed, and untrusted.”

Fix: Using Microsoft Edge, navigate to and ensure the lock symbol next to the address is shown. This adds the root certificate to the local computer. Re-launch Designer and login again.

Step 4 – Enter License Code

In order to save or compile your own designs, the software will need to be licensed. A license can be obtained by purchasing it through our online store. PURCHASE LICENSE

After purchasing the license, you will receive an email with a license activation code. Copy and Paste, or type in the code into the license code box in the Licenses tab in your Designer’s manage dialog. Then click Activate License. Your software will then be ready to use.