Description of Issue

The flexshaft sheath temperature should be cool enough that you can hold it in your hand even after long periods of operation.  If the flexshaft core becomes hot enough it can melt the outer rubber sheath.  A melted flexshaft sheath requires the immediate replacement of the entire A2045 flexshaft assembly.  In the case of an overheating flexshaft diagnose the issue before permanent damage can occur.

Possible Causes

Flexshaft overheating (and eventual melting), is usually caused by incorrectly assembling flexshaft core when putting the machine together.  If the flexshaft is assembled such that the steel core (the rotating part) is subjected to compressive forces then it will quickly overheat.  Overheating can also be caused by insufficient or incorrect lubrication, a sheath that is not kept within the wire guide, a non-free floating flexshaft core, a bad flexshaft core, or even by a damaged spindle assembly.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Verify that the sheath is staying within the wire guide while carving.  The wire guide maintains the proper bend radius on the sheath to assure that it does not kink.
  2. Verify that the core can slide in and out of both the motor end and spindle end freely.  Sometimes rust or a frayed wire can prevent it from floating in the hole.  The flexshaft must be free to float within the sheath as the cutting head moves up and down and left and right.
  3. In the simple case of overheating, check that the flexshaft is assembled correctly.  Disengage the flexshaft, remove the core and look for any damage or discoloration.  Grab the core at each end with your fingers, pull taunt, and twist.  A good flexshaft will have little rotational movement (<90o of rotation).  Replace a bad flexshaft core by following the service instructions CarveWright Owner’s Manual.
  4. Check for any play in the spindle by moving it side to side.  You should not be able to feel any slop or play in the spindle.
  5. If after checking all of the above, the flexshaft is still running hot, and you have not correctly lubricated it recently, then it may need to be lubricated.  The lubrication that you should use is a penetrating lubricant that contains moly. You can purchase an approved type from our online store. The oil is only a transfer medium for the graphite (moly).  After letting soak, you should wipe it completely dry or let it drip dry overnight to make sure all excess oil is removed. Over-lubrication is just as bad as no lubrication and can ruin your spindle bearing. The instructions are found in the CarveWright Owner’s Manual or online.
  6. If none of the above steps solves the issue consult with CarveWright Service.