Description of Issue

The LCD screen shows nothing when the machine is turned on.

Possible Causes

Cause include: the machine not plugged in, the machine not turned on, the contrast knob on the keypad turned down very low, an improperly inserted memory card, a corrupted memory card, a disconnected wire to the power supply, a faulty display, or a faulty power supply.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Verify that the ON/OFF switch is in the proper position.
  2. Verify that the memory card is properly seated.
  3. Check that the power-strip is ON and functioning.
  4. Verify that there is power to the outlet (have them plug it in somewhere else).
  5. Check that the contrast knob on the keypad is not turned all the way down (to the left).  Rotate the knob to the extremes in both directions looking for the menu text.
  6. Check to see if power is getting to the machine even though the display is blank.  Turn the machine completely OFF, wait 30 seconds, and the move Z-truck up and down and the Y truck left and right while noting how much resistance there is to moving them.  Then turn the machine ON and feel the resistance again.  If resistance is greater than it was before but still nothing shows up on the LCD, first check that the ribbon cable going to the display is plugged in (on both sides) and is not damaged.  If the cable appears functional, replace the Control Panel Assembly (A2043).
  7. Hit the “7” (Measure) key on the keypad to see if it begins the homing routine.  If it begins to move then the LCD screen is faulty.
  8. If the motor resistance is the same when the machine is both ON and OFF there is no power to the machine.  UNPLUG THE MACHINE and remove the bottom cover.  Check the seating of all of the connectors to the power supply, controller, and ON/OFF switch.  Plug in the machine and do the test in Step 6 again.  If the motor resistance is still the same replace the power supply.
  9. If none of the above steps solves the issue consult with CarveWright Service.