Description of Issue

The LCD screen shows nothing but black squares when the machine is turned on.  There is no way to proceed through the menus.

Possible Causes

Causes include: no memory card inserted in the machine, the contrast knob on the keypad turned too high, a faulty memory card, a faulty controller electronics board, or an electrical short in the machine.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Check that the memory card is inserted.  Slide it out and re-insert.
  2. Check that the contrast knob on the keypad is not turned too high.  Rotate the knob to the extremes in both directions looking for the menu text.
  3. Check for an electrical short in the machine.  Turn the machine off and unplug.  Take the bottom panel off the machine and unplug the largest of the two ribbon cables from the bottom of the enclosed controller box (the controller is what the memory card slides into) and the 10 pin cable going to the X termination board.  Turn the machine ON and see if the black squares vanish to reveal the menu text.  If so, there is most likely an electrical short in the machine.  Have the machine sent in for repair.
  4. If black squares still appear on the LCD screen it means that the memory card or controller electronics are probably faulty.  Unfortunately it is impossible to tell which one it is unless the customer has an extra card.  Send a Memory card (CWMC1) first and if that does not work then send a controller (A2065). (Always make sure you are properly packing controller – see video.)