RAVEN Machines: Yes. There is a standard library of bits that can be used, but bits can be programmed using the bit builder in the software. Bit settings can also be shared through projects.

A/B/C Machines: No. The software has a standard library of approved bits that can be used. Because of the variations in bit geometry and size among different brands, only CarveWright brand bits can be used. Use of other bits may void the warranty. The majority of machine functionality is done with the included carving and cutting bits. Please visit the CarveWright website store for a listing of bits and bit sets.

The solid carbide bits will last for many hours, if handled correctly. Lifetime is directly related to what materials are being cut. Cutting in materials with glue (such as plywood or particle board) will tend to wear the bit faster. The typical reason a carving bit needs to be replaced is that it is dropped and the tip has been damaged.
Yes, The software will allow the user to create projects that use as many bits as desired. On projects that use more than one bit, the machines will prompt the user for each bit, as it is needed.
It depends on what functions are being commanded in the software. Some functions will default to certain bits, while others functions require a selectable bits. For example, by default the the 1/16″ carving bit is selected for any raster carvings. The default bits can be changed by selecting an alternative option.
Solid carbide bit supplied by CarveWright use a hard pressed steel adapters that prevent the bit from slipping. These cannot be changed, as removing them would damage the bits. It is recommended to use these hard pressed bits to ensure the best results. Router bits will use a 1/4″ split collet for the 1/4″ steel shank bits, and the no collet is required for the 1/2″ steel shank bits. Stop collars are recommended for these bits to provide a consistent stopping point when changing bits.

The CarveWright QuickChange system was discontinued in 201o and adapters for that system are no longer available.