The capacity of the memory card is large enough to hold a significant number of projects and scans. How many it will hold depends on the size of the individual projects. Typically, we get 30 to 40 projects on a card. if the card fills up, simply delete some of the files using the Flash Manager in the software. As long as you keep the project file saved to your computer, you can re-upload the project to the memory card at any time. Once on the memory card, the file is no longer in a format that can be brought back into the software and changed. Always save your projects to your hard drive. Backup your projects from time to time, so that you can retrieve them, if your computer crashes.
Additional memory cards and programmers can be purchased online at our web store.
There is no need or accommodation for connecting the machine directly to a computer. The CarveWright is configured this way so that your computer will not have to be exposed to the dirty shop environment. The machine comes with a memory card and a memory card programmer that plugs into a USB port on your computer. Once a project is downloaded from your computer to the card (via the programmer) you simply remove the card and insert it into the memory card slot in the machine. Also, the machine is not wireless compatible. Can I go buy any PCMCIA card and use it as my memory card?
No, the CarveWright memory cards have special files on them that communicate to the machine.