The workpiece (board) will need to be prepared before inserting it into the RAVEN machine. There are two ways to prepare a board. 

  1. Apply the AccuTrack Tape and Belt.
  2. Secure the workpiece into a jig. (see Jigs)
Apply the AccuTrack Tape and Belt

The AccuTrack tape is a flexible and resilient double stick tape used for securing the Accutrack belt to the tracking edge of a workpiece. The tracking edge is the BOTTOM EDGE that will be up against the squaring plate on the KEYPAD SIDE. This will align the teeth of the belt to the teeth of the AccuTrack Encoder wheel.

To apply the tape, lay the workpiece on a flat surface with the bottom side up. Inspect the edge you wish to track on to be flat and straight. Anything that prevents the belt from adhering will result in errors. With the edge selected, start at one end and carefully run the tape along the entire edge of the workpiece pressing firmly along the way to ensure adhesion. Be sure to overlap the tape over the end of the workpiece, then cut using scissors or other blade. This overlap will help with removing the top film. Completely remove the top film to expose the adhesive.

To apply the belt, start at one end of the tape and carefully adhere the belt to the tape. Press firmly as you go to ensure proper adhesion. When you get the end of the workpiece, trim the belt. You can leave a small overlap of the belt on the ends.

Tip: Reuse longer belts without cutting them by leaving an overlap tail off of the front edge of the board. Just be careful not to let the extra length snag on anything or sag too much. 

To remove the belt and tape, simply pull it off. Both the belt and tape come off easy and the belt is free to use again.

NOTE: The tape is non-marking unless it is left on for a significant amount of time. If you don’t wish to leave any residue, remove the belt and tape promptly.