It is an upgrade that LHR made available in the spring of 2010. It’s made from one solid piece of
hardened ground steel to significantly reduce vibration, improve run out, run quieter, and
enhance the overall quality of the CarveWright machine. This item is standard on the
CarveWright Version C machine.

Yes, the CarveTight is standard on all new machines.

Yes, you can even install it yourself or order the CarveTight Service Upgrade Package and let LHR
install it for you.

The first time you upgrade to a new CarveTight, you will need to make sure you order the
correct bits and bit accessories to go with it. Bits and scanning probe all feature an option as to
which adapter, if any, you need with your bit. You can choose from the CarveTight adapter,
Quick Change adapter or NO Adapter.

The bits are the same, but the adapters are not. Only the Carbide Bits with ¼” carbide shanks
need to be fully replaced. These are the 1/16” carving bit and 1/8” cutting bits.

Yes, but you will need to make some changes to them. First, the old‐style adapters need to be
removed. The bit adjustment tool is great for helping you accomplish this. Then, the ½” steel
shank bits will each need to have ½” rubber stops put on them and that is all. The ¼” steel
shank bits will each need to have ¼” rubber stops put on them, plus they can all share one ¼”
split collet. This ¼” split collet can easily be put on and taken off of the ¼” steel shank bits as
they are needed.

The 1/16” cutting bit is carbide, however the shank of it is only 1/8” in diameter. That end of
the 1/16” cutting bit is “dipped” in steel to make it a full ¼” shank. Therefore, it is treated just
like a ¼” steel shank bit and will need a ¼” rubber stop and will share the ¼” split collet.

The carbide bits require a hard pressed‐on collar. A special device is used to attach the collars to
the carbide bits. They will slip in the ¼” split collets.

A Scanning Probe adapter is available. You will need to remove the old‐style adapter. The
adapter for the CarveTight can easily be installed by you on your probe. It does not need to be
hard pressed.

CompuCarve Bits are the exact same as the CarveWright bits with the old‐style Quick Change
Adapter. So, yes they can be used! The same exceptions and adjustments as listing above for
the CarveWright apply to the CompuCarve bits.

No, we are not able to do trade‐ins. We suggest you try selling them on our Community Forum
or eBay. Remember the warranty, add-on software features, patterns, projects and subscriptions are non‐transferable.

Michael Tyler wrote a Tips and Tricks about the CarveTight. It is under LEARN – then TIPS AND
TRICKS – ISSUE 29 APRIL 2010 – Announcing the CarveTight. You can also look under
PRODUCTS, do a search on the Community Forum or call us at 713‐473‐6572. We will be happy
to answer your questions.