1. Always Download the latest version of software from the CarveWright website. If you have an old Software CD, throw it in the trash.
  2. If you installed software from a disk from before 2011, you will need to uninstall via your Windows Control Panel before installing latest version.
  3. If you purchased a USED CarveWright, the previous owner’s registration must be removed. Send proof of purchase and machine serial number to Project Designer BASIC is free for all registered CarveWright Systems. No other licenses are transferable.

Windows Installation

  1. When downloading, you will be given the options of RUN or SAVE
    • Select RUN.
  2. If you selected Save instead or Run, locate the installer in your downloads folder. File name “Designer_#_###.exe” (numbers change with updates)
    • Double-Click on the installer.
  3. If a Warning appears asking if you want to install from an Unknown Publisher,
    • Choose YES.
  4. Begin the installation wizard.
    1. Welcome screen. Choose Next
    2. License Agreement. I Agree
    3. Choose Install Location.
      1. Select BROWSE and change location to C:\ProgramData\
    4. Start Menu Screen. Choose Next
    5. If you see the Install Options Screen, leave default and click Install.
    6. Microsoft Visual C++ window. Click Yes
    7. When installation is complete, Click Finish
  5. The “Read Me” file will open after installation is complete.
    • Close READ ME.
  6. Proceed to Registration Instructions

Apple Installation
  1. Click on the Download Apple Installer button and the installer will automatically download into your downloads folder.
  2. Locate the installer file, “Designer_#_###.dmg”, in your downloads folder. (numbers change with updates) 
    • Double-Click on the file to open it.
  3. A folder will open containing the Readme.txt and the CarveWright Icon. 
    • Drag the Icon into your Applications Folder.
  4. From the Applications Folder, Right-Click or Ctrl+Click on the CarveWright icon and select “Get Info
    • Locate and check the box “Prevent App Nap” and close the Window.
  5. DOWNLOAD and Install X11. –
  6. Once X11 is installed, go to the Applications folder again and Right-Click or Ctrl+Click on the CarveWright icon and select “Open”. This will open the software.
  7. If you encounter a warning indicating the software may not be supported, dismiss the message and attempt to open the software again.  It should open on the second try.
  8. Proceed to Registration Instructions.

  1. Find the Project Designer Icon on your Desktop.
    1. For Windows RegistrationRight-click on the icon and select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.
    2. If a Warning appears asking if you want to install from an Unknown Publisher, Choose YES.
    3. For Apple, simply open the software.
  2. When the Software opens to the Welcome Screen, Choose REGISTER NOW.
  3. Acknowledge all three checkbox items. All three are available on these learning pages.
  4. The Registrations Options screen, Select Register Online Now.
  5. If you are an educator, check USE EDUCATOR LICENSES, to enable a multi-user mode.
  6. If you are a NEW Customer, you will need to select, “I need to create a CarveWright customer account”
    1. Fill in the form to register your product. Must have the CarveWright machine serial number.
    2. Write down your username and password so you can remember it.
  7. If you are not a new customer and have already registered once, choose “I already have a CarveWright customer account”
    1. Type in your username and password.
      1. Forgot login? Reset with username & email address here, or call CarveWright for assistance.
    2. If you try to create a New Customer Account after you have already registered it, it will report the machine is already registered, as your machine serial number is already registered to YOU.
  8. Name your computer something so that it can be distinguished from another computer you own, such as Dell Laptop or Shop PC. It makes it easier to remove old computers if the names easily identify them.
  9. The Confirmation Screen will display on the screen thanking you for registering and will show the serial number and Unlock Code of your registered CarveWright machines.
  10. If you have an existing Customer Account, you will be given an opportunity to click on a box to apply each of your previously registered licenses, such as add-on software, pattern, collection or project licenses. Make sure you scroll down and get them all.

At the conclusion of the online machine registration, the user will be presented with an unlock code. The unlock code is eight numbers long and will be shown on the “Thank You” page at the end of the software registration process.

If you do not record the unlock code during registration it can be found by logging in to your Customer Registration Web Account at

When the machine, with memory card inserted, is turned on the first time, press any key to advance to the Unlock Code screen. Enter the Unlock Code and press the “ENTER” button. The display will advance, if the code is correct, and will remain unchanged for an incorrect code. Once unlock code is accepted, the CarveWright System is ready to go.

When turning on your CarveWright C-Series Machine for the first time, the LCD screen will display a prompt indicating that registration is required. Press any key to advance to the Unlock Code screen. Enter the Unlock Code you obtained above and press the “ENTER” button. The display will advance if the code is correct and will remain unchanged for an incorrect code.

NOTE: Our Online CarveWright Store (where you make online purchases) & our Registration Server (where you register computers, machine & licenses) are two separate pieces of software and may have different usernames & passwords. It is recommended to use the same username, password and email for both accounts to avoid confusion. If you don’t remember your login information please use the password reset options below.

Registration Account