FEATURE DESCRIPTION Designer 1 Designer 2 Designer 3 Designer 5
Uploading of projects created in the software to the memory card with the usb programmer (both included with the machine) X X X X
Basic vector drawing tools provide shapes to which a bit, a cut path, or a carve region can be applied. X X X X
Basic Pattern library including over 50 patterns X X X X
Cut path is a cut all the way through the board. Cut path can only be applied to a closed figure or a path whose end points cross the edge of the board. X X X X
Carve Region provides uniform carving within an enclosed vector shape to certain depths. X X X X
Textured backgrounds with interval controls X X X X
Surfacing options for creating various domed or contoured surfaces. X X X X
Text Tool easily allows for placement and manipulation of text using True Type fonts currently installed in the computers system fonts folder X X X X
Set bit optimization, feathering and draft. X X X X
Outline text or patterns to create cutting paths X X X X
Set pierced carvings and tabs for carving through board. X X X X
Edge rout is a quick tool to apply a rout on all edges of a board. X X X X
Memory Card File Management through the Flash Manager, which allows for quick file deletion or formatting of the memory card. X X X X
Layout tools to assist with the project designing process that include, but are not limited to, Flip, Rotate, Mirror, Align, Center, and much more X X X X
Graphics, such as photos or logos, can be in imported from in JPEG, BMP, GIFF, MNG, XPM or PNG formats. X X X X
Drill Tool X X X X
Created patterns can be imported and exported as PTN files. X X X X
Rout Tool allows a figure to be broken into sections, each one with an independently assignable bit or depth profile X X X X
Two sided carvings – technique available X X X X
Automatic check for updates option X X X
Open with Preview option for patterns & projects X X X
Rotate virtual board to view front or back in landscape and portrait X X X
Custom Feather option X X X
Lithopane preview (Open GL 2.1 or higher required) X X X
Advanced Text Controls including kerning, line spacing & point size per letters, word or line of text X X X
Preview Text on board while editing X X X
Decorate with Text to apply to vector path X X X
Edit Envelope Tool allows you to warp or distort text or patterns X X X
Decorate with Patterns along a vector path X X X
Generated materials (textures) and the ability to manipulate those to create your own unique textures X X
Vector Groups for adding “chip carving” X X
Centerline Text algorithms rewritten for more efficient and cleaner cut (Centerline Text required) X X
3D puffing of Raster Text (3d Pattern Modeling Suite required) X X
2″ deep Carving for use with long 1/8″ and 1/16″ carving bits X X
Options for 1/32″ Carving Bit for fine detail carving X X
Upgraded to be 64 bit. X
Improved resolutions on every tool for higher definition carvings X
The new user interface has been organized to group functions and tools more logically for easier navigation. X
New larger and clearer icons X
Import STL Pattern – Import STL CNC files without the need to purchase a separate program. (not for slicing) X
Automatic project crash recovery (autosave on crash) X
New easy licensing system. Log in and your computer is automatically registered. X
Integrated update system keeps Designer and Firmware up to date automatically X
Search the Pattern Depot right from your software. See thumbnail and drag to your board to try patterns instantly. Double click and get a popup with pricing and a link to the store. X
Import Image now has a smoothing tool X
Vectors can be rotated. Snap at 15 degrees by holding down the CTRL (Mac ⌘) button. X
Updated OSX and Windows installers, Windows supports unattended installation. X
Registered Installer Security Certificates X
Help links to CarveWright’s support site X
Favorites database renamed to My Patterns and improved for faster loading X
Reworked Merge Subtractive to make it work in absolutes X
Added new merge style: Merge Additive Absolute X
Project Tab allows organizing and downloading CarveWright projects directly into the Designer software. X
Pattern Depot purchases can be installed with a button in the licensing tab. X
Pocket Region Tool – make spiral routed regions with your choice of bits. X
SVG Import – Import Scalable Vector Graphics X
AVAILABLE ADD-ON MODULES (Purchased Separately) Designer 1 Designer 2 Designer 3 Designer 5
Pattern Editor is included with the Scanning Probe or in-depth pattern & image manipulation at a pixel by pixel level. X X X
Conforming Vectors to apply vector paths to uneven or irregular surfaces below.- X X X
Centerline Text is a function that allows for carving down the center of a selected text path. Used for engraving text effects. X X X
DXF Importer allows for importing of vector paths in common DXF file format X X X X
STL Importer allows for importing of 3d models in common STL file format X X X X
Modeling Suite includes 3D modeling tools for custom pattern design. X X X X
Drawing Suite includes advanced vector drawing and tracing tools for more detailed project design. X X X X
Keyhole Function Software included with the keyhole bit. X X X X
Pattern Sculptor is a sculpting and editing software tool for 3D relief carving patterns. Quickly and intuitively, smooth, smudge, and add or remove details to prepare patterns for carving. X X
*The Rotary Software is included with the CarveWright Rotary Jig for making 360º turned carvings. X X
*Pattern Download Tool is included with Scanning Probe License X
Grouped Vector Groups, Centerline Text, and Confroming Vectors into Vcarve Suite – Free when upgrading from Designer 3 and have Centerline X
New Tool – Edit Outline. Used for adding control points to outlined patterns (Part of Vcarve Suite) X
Copy Offset Tool reworked, now called Copy Array (Drawing Suite) X
Modeling tools rewritten to create smoother surfaces (Modeling Suite) X
DXF importer is now called DXF Layout to better describe its function. Improved UI for simpler workflow X
STL Importer is now called Slicer to better describe its function. Improved memory usage for larger file handling X
Sculptor upgraded to be 64 bit. X
Sculptor can now edit any licensed Pattern in Sculptor. Sculptor will only allow saving back to the pattern library, keeping the integrity of the license intact. X
Sculptor now has a Trim Tool X
Vector Groups now includes the ability to set a depth and add a pocket bit for pocket regions X
Convert Text to a clean vector outline using the Edit Outline Tool (Vcarve Suite) X