There are several different scenarios for this.  Keep in mine…you only ever need ONE Customer Account. Write down your Customer Account Username, Password & Email.


  1. CarveWright website ( always has the latest versions available for download. Just make sure you download the correct version.
  2. If you have an old disk of the Project Designer Software, throw it in the trash
  3. If you installed software from an old disk, or if you were running version 1.182 or older, go into your Control Panel and remove the CarveWright installation
    NOTE: Patterns & Projects should NEVER be saved into the CW Program Files folder.  Make sure you save any .mpc or .ptn that you created and stored in this folder before you remove the CarveWright Installation, which will wipe the folder out.  Any store bought .ptns can be re-downloaded from your Customer Account (see instructions below).
  4. If you purchased a USED machine, we need to first get the machine serial number removed from the previous owners name.  Send proof of purchase and machine serial number to You will only have access to Designer Basic. No other licenses are transferable.


  1. Select either Download Windows Installer or Download Apple Installer.
  2. After downloading, click on the file.  You will be given the option to RUN, SAVE  or OPEN IN FOLDER
    1. Windows XP , Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 operating systems: Go ahead and choose RUN
    2. Mac operating systems: Follow the Mac Installation Instructions on page 7 –  Make sure you drag the Designer exec file into the Applications folder.  Also, newer MAC versions will need to reinstall x11 and turn off AppNap.
  3. Follow the installation wizard. Do not change the location of where it is putting your software.
  4. Ignore any security warnings.  Since Microsoft & other security software applications have never heard of CarveWright, you may get security warnings that we are not safe; select to Allow or Continue anyway. Unselect and/or disregard the “Read Me” file instructions



  1. Find the Project Designer Icon on your Desktop
    1. Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 operating systems:
      Right-click on the icon and select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR to make sure the licenses are put in the correct location.
    2. Windows XP operating systems:
      Double-click to open
  2. Upon opening, Microsoft may give you a WARNING. Just click ALLOW.
  3. Select Register Now.
    If you already have a Customer Account and still have the option to CONTINUE WITHOUT ACTIVATION, you can select that and go to HELP > MANAGE LICENSES > UPDATE LICENSES.
  4. Acknowledge all three items.
  5. If you are an educator, click USE EDUCATOR LICENSES, so that multiple users can log in with different usernames & passwords,
  6. Then select register ONLINE
    1. If you are a NEW Customer, you will need to create one. The Customer Account is a separate piece of software from your Store Account that you created to make the online purchase.
    2. If you already have a Customer Account, you must:
      1. Know your Customer Account Username & Password. Your Customer Account password can be reset, if you cannot remember it.  You must know your username & email address.  Call LHR, if you do not know it.  DO NOT try to create a New Customer Account as your machine serial number is already registered to YOU and that is where any other licenses that you have are registered
      2. Have licenses available. If you don’t call or email us and tell us what computer to deactivate by the “description” you gave to your computer.
  8. Name your computer something so that it can be distinguished from another computer you own, such as Dell Laptop, HP Tower.  You do not have to put your name as it is already registered under your name.  If more than one person uses the software with different computers, names are then helpful. Schools need to label their computers.
  9. If you have an existing Customer Account, you will be given an opportunity to click on a box to apply each of your previously registered licenses, such as add-on software, pattern, collection or project licenses. Make sure you scroll down and get them all.


  1. It is best to activate through the Designer Software.
    NOTE: Serial numbers are ONLY ACTIVATED ONCE. They are then always available on your Customer Account to be re-applied to new computer registration.
  3. Serial numbers must be entered as CAPITAL LETTERS and include the decimal points. The letter O is never used. It is always the number zero (0).
  4. For activation of Subscriptions, such as Project of the Month and CarversClub, select ACTIVATE SUBSCRIPTION.
  5. To apply these to a second computer, go to HELP > MANAGE LICENSES > UPDATE LICENSES.


  1. Log into your Customer Account at under Quick Links (bottom of page)
  2. Next to each pattern, collection and project is a download link
  3. Double click on the ptn or mpl file to upload into Project Designer’s Pattern Library
  4. Remember projects are saved to your computer and never uploaded into your Pattern Library

NOTE: STORE ACCOUNT (where you make online purchases) & CUSTOMER ACCOUNT (where you register computers, machine & licenses) are two separate pieces of software and may have different usernames & passwords.

NOTE: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10 users may want to right-click on your Project Designer Software icon > go to PROPERTIES > then ADVANCED PROPERTIES (may be named something similar) and find the option to ALWAYS RUN THIS APPLICATION AS ADMINISTRATOR.


Call us at 713-473-6572, if you still need assistance.


CarveWright Customer Service