Windows Installation

  1. When downloading, you will be given the options of RUN or SAVE
    • Select RUN.
  2. If you selected Save instead or Run, locate the installer in your downloads folder. File name “Designer_#_###.exe” (numbers change with updates)
    • Double-Click on the installer.
  3. If a Warning appears asking if you want to install from an Unknown Publisher,
    • Choose YES.
  4. Begin the installation wizard.
    1. Welcome screen. Choose Next
    2. License Agreement. I Agree
    3. Choose Install Location.
      1. Select BROWSE and change location to C:\ProgramData\
    4. Start Menu Screen. Choose Next
    5. If you see the Install Options Screen, leave default and click Install.
    6. Microsoft Visual C++ window. Click Yes
    7. When installation is complete, Click Finish
  5. The “Read Me” file will open after installation is complete.
    • Close READ ME.
  6. Proceed to Registration Instructions

Apple Installation

Downgrade Instructions

  1. Click on the Download Apple Installer button and the installer will automatically download into your downloads folder.
  2. Locate the installer file, “Designer_#_###.dmg”, in your downloads folder. (numbers change with updates) 
    • Double-Click on the file to open it.
  3. A folder will open containing the Readme.txt and the CarveWright Icon. 
    • Drag the Icon into your Applications Folder.
  4. From the Applications Folder, Right-Click or Ctrl+Click on the CarveWright icon and select “Get Info
    • Locate and check the box “Prevent App Nap” and close the Window.
  5. DOWNLOAD and Install X11. –
  6. Once X11 is installed, go to the Applications folder again and Right-Click or Ctrl+Click on the CarveWright icon and select “Open”. This will open the software.
  7. If you encounter a Warning indicating the software may not be supported, dismiss the message and attempt to open the software again.  It should open on the second try.
  8. Proceed to Registration Instructions.