Instructions for installing and registering using older versions of the Designer for the first time.

  1. If you received a CD disk from a previous owner and installed it, please go into your Control Panel, remove that installation, and throw the disk away.
  2. Download your appropriate version of Designer from our website.
    1. Designer Archive
    2. OR Purchase Designer 4
  3. When given the option to Run or Save; select Run. It may give you a warning, but dismiss the warning and allow the installation.
  4. Follow the installation wizard. NOTE! For Windows 10 when prompted for install location change from the default of C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\ to the parent C:\ folder.
  5. A “Read Me” File will open upon completion. Close that window.
  6. Now, with installation complete, find the CarveWright icon on the desktop and right click on it.
  7. Select “Run As Administrator” from the menu to open and complete registration. 

This video uses Designer 3, but the instructions are the same for Designer 1, 2, or 3.