A collection of common software installation questions and issues.

Your Customer Account is where your registration information is stored. It is created after you register your CarveWright during the initial Software Setup using the machine’s serial number.


Your Customer Account is NOT the same as your CarveWright Store Account. It is suggested that you try to use the same username & password for both to cut down on confusion. Write down your Customer Account Username, Password & Email.

Link: Customer Account


The installation location must be changed to fix the “Files are missing or have been removed” message.

Windows 10 Installation Guide



A. Make sure you drag the Designer icon out of the folder with the READ ME file and place it into the Applications folder. Run it from there.

B. Reinstall X11: The installation of MacOS Mountain Lion & Yosemite & newer has removed X11, which is required for the Designer software to run. Reinstall X11 here: http://xquartz.macosforge.org

C. APP NAP: Please note that Maverick & Yosemite use a feature called APP NAP that will slow down your Text Tool. You can turn it OFF with these instructions:

1. Go to CarveWright Designer Icon
2. Right Click (or MAC equivalent) and select GET INFO

Licensing Instructions – Follow these instructions for add-on software, patterns, projects, collections and subscriptions based on what type of product it is.

Registering another computer:

You are allowed to register Project Designer on two computers at one time per machine registered. (1 machine = 2 concurrent computer installations; 2 machines = 4 concurrent computer installations) Make sure you remember that you will NEVER create another Customer Account, so select the option that says, “I already have an account”.

Re-registering a computer:

Sometimes a computer that was once registered suddenly decides it needs to be registered again. Our system operates off of your Computer ID and if for some reason, that ID changes, then it will tell you that you need to register. Some of the reasons include: you changed your hard drive, updated your operating system or some of your security software ran and reset the Computer ID.

Look at your customer account and see if you have a license available to re-register it. If you do, go ahead and register it. Then send us an email asking us to remove the first installation on that computer (we need to know what you called it). If you do not, then send us a note or call us and we can deactivate it for you to free up a license.

Deactivation of a computer:

Customers cannot deactivate a computer through their Customer Account. You have to get us to do it. Just call us or send us an email letting us know which one to remove. Edit does nothing, but allow you to change what you named your computer.

It is very important to deactivate computers that you no longer need!

We can only deactivate it, if we are at the office, and it is for sure, you will need over the weekend when we can’t help you.

Updating Project Designer:

You can Check for Updates from your Project Designer software by going to HELP > Check for Updates.

If you have a software disk that is more than a month old, throw it in the trash!

Get the latest version from our website HERE.

It is recommended that you do not update your software over the weekend when we are not here. You may need to re-register your computer and if you don’t have a license available, then you will be unable to resolve the problem until Monday when we return.

If you are considering selling or purchasing a used CarveWright or CompuCarve, please be aware of the following:

  • The Designer Software BASIC software should be downloaded from our website and not from an old disk. DO NOT INSTALL SOFTWARE FROM OLD INSTALLATION DISK.
  • Software other than the Designer BASIC version 1.187 software is NON-TRANSFERABLE (this includes, but is not limited to patterns, projects, subscriptions, centerline, pattern editor, STL & DXF Importer)
  • Warranties are NON-TRANSFERABLE
  • Proof of purchase & machine serial number must be sent to LHR for the machine to be released from previous customers account before it can be registered by its new owner. Email to sales@carvewright.com
  • Machines bought at auction or pawn shops will not be released without previous owner verification or proof that previous owner is deceased.
  • Once removed from the previous owner, it is then available for new owner to create their own Customer Account and register the machine and the Designer BASIC license that comes with the registration.
  • The latest manuals are available online.
  • Visit our our Support section for more information and Tutorials to assist you in getting started.

PLEASE BEWARE! Make sure you are purchasing from a trusted seller. There are some machines that have been reported as stolen. Every machines serial number must be registered in order for it to be used. LHR can look up a serial number prior to purchase to verify who is listed as the current owner. Proof of purchase is required to release from previous owner. We do not guarantee that the machine has or has not been stolen based on our records, as the report of some stolen machines may not have been communicated to us.

Search Troubleshooting Software Registration Section

Any version of the software prior to version 1.123 cannot be registered. Any version 1.182 or older will need to be removed through your control panel before installing a newer version.

Be sure to DOWNLOAD the most recent version of the software and install it according to the instructions for your operating system.

Installation Instructions must be followed based on your computer’s operating system in order for it to work properly.